Monday, March 1, 2010

That was a lot of catching up to do!

Sorry it has taken so long to update! We have had a lot going on and I haven't been on the computer in days!

February 25
Hands are still her favorite food.

February 26
Have I ever told you daddy is HILARIOUS!
February 27
No photo today. It was just one of those days life got in the way of picture taking.

February 28
Such a happy girl!

March 1
Sometimes I dress her up just because I can.


  1. hahaha!! That last picture! Frame it!!! haha. She's soooo cute!! That last picture looks like it belongs on a postcard from S. Florida!!! hahaaa She's is just a doll- and her smile is contagious!

  2. she is just tooo beautiful! I love the glasses! and Daddy is ALWAYS the funniest

  3. I love the last picture. I'd dress my kids up more in funny things if they didn't scream every time they were being dressed.

  4. Love the last picture haha so cute!

  5. Aww, I love the "Lucky Charm" picture! Too cute.