Monday, March 8, 2010

I figured I'd update while Violet does her best to not nap.

March 5
She is getting closer to talking. She either makes sound but forgets to move her lips or moves her lips but forgets to make sound.

March 6
She only looks like she is sleeping. Her latest in camera avoidance, if she closes her eyes I won't take a picture.

March 7
Fresh out the tub.

March 8
She looks happy....

...but she was secretly plotting her escape.


  1. Aww such cute pictures!! Kenzie does the "fake" sleeping with the cam also

  2. I love her trying to escape. Eiley is starting to pull on her crib rails as well.

  3. aww! she is sooo pretty ! sophia is bad for camera avoidance!!

  4. SO funny that she closes her eyes, smart girl LOL!!! And omg...that is scary that she's able to do that in her crib already, eek! Such a pretty girl :) and holy...I thought I was looking at Bella in the March 8 pic!

  5. SO cute!!! This is such a fun age!! :) I love her bows!

  6. AW I LOVE her bow in the last picture!! She's adorable as always