Thursday, March 4, 2010

Has it been a year of pictures yet???

Seriously! Has it? It feels like it.....

March 2
Some days you have bedhead before you even go to bed.

March 3
I love those cheeks!

March 4
Ignore the sea of toys behind her.


  1. My oldest son's hair did that (stood up in the back) until he was about 10 months old! haha I loved it! :) She's a doll... keep snappin' momma, I don't even think we're a third of the way done yet. ;)

  2. Duh... 12 months divided by 3... we're definitely not a third of the way done! :P

  3. Jace's hair stood on end till he was a year too and it was LONG lol!! She's such a doll, hair standing up or not :)

  4. haha love the sea of toys :) I got behind there for a few days (kept taking pics but not uploading daily) and DF definitely thought it was his job to remind me!!

  5. haha, but we are almost a 1/4 of the way done. Ok, that probably wasn't encouraging ;)

    Alexis always wakes up with crazy hair. It's pretty funny! Baby bed head is so cute!