Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's been awhile!

We've been out and about these past few days so I haven't had much of a chance to upload the pictures from the camera. But I've taken them everyday!
Thursday, February 18
I laid her under this toy and turned around and before I knew it she had turned over and flipped herself the other direction. How I do not know......

Friday, February 19
She wouldn't let me get a good picture. She was smiling before this, I promise. This is one of my favorite shirts.
Saturday, February 20
Who says no one watches the olympics?

Sunday, February 21
Violet killed her first monster in WoW today. Ok, she didn't kill it, she just pressed the spacebar and made her jump but we're still really proud!


  1. Violet's thinking "Yeah, I can do that too..." about the Olympics!!! LOL

  2. lol I am totally laughing at the WoW game. If my DF saw this I am sure he'd wake Dylan up from his nap and try to get him to do the same hahaha.

  3. Arya loves watching the sky jumpers. She giggles and makes all sorts of noises when they fly through the air.

  4. That shirt is really adorable!!

    Alexis loves computers too. Silly kid :) She always tries to hit the keys.