Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting into the action shots.

I guess we will not be taking pictures in the jumperoo anymore.

She finally held still, but only because I was holding her legs.

I liked this picture. Mmmm sweater.


  1. It's so cute when they finally figure out how to jump. Yay Violet!

  2. do her feet get close together when she is bouncing up? soo cute! now..if you think taking a good picture is try to feed her in it! I have made that mistake..Sophia's eye got oatmealed when she suddenly excitedly jumped!

    It is even funnier when they are so mad and want out..but get excited when you come to rescue them so they start jumping..making it impossible to save they start crying harder!! hehe

  3. Yay for jumps! Funny pictures with half heads ;)

  4. haha!! I can't wait to buy Lexi one! They have so much fun in them! She looks like she's having a ball. Oh, and as always, I love her bow :)