Saturday, January 23, 2010

One step closer to sushi

Today Violet had her first taste of baby cereal. Yum. Not sure what she thinks of it, she would make an awful face everytime she took a bite but as soon as she swallowed she would get all excited flailing her arms and legs when she saw the bowl.

She hadn't even taken a bite yet. She just really hates bibs.

She makes this face after every bite.

Hands are still her favorite.

Looks like it's not all that bad.


  1. haha... great shots!! She makes the best expressions!!!

  2. she really does!! too cute! ive iven sophie cereal twice now..once last week once the other night..she made the same face..then cried when it was done

  3. Awww maybe she needs a softer bib lol